Self consolidating concrete applications of computer Self-Consolidating Concrete

Self consolidating concrete applications of computer

Admixtures that affect the viscosity of the mixture are especially helpful when the grading of available aggregate sources cannot be optimized for cohesive mixtures or with large source variations.

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If the SCC mixture is designed to have a higher paste content or fines compared to conventional concrete, an increase in shrinkage may occur.

SCC mixtures can be designed to provide the required hardened concrete properties for an application, similar to regular concrete. A high-performance concrete innovation. Two important properties specific to SCC in its plastic state are its flowability and stability.

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SCC's flowability is generally achieved by using polycarboxylate-based high-range water-reducing HRWR admixtures and optimized concrete ingredients while maintaining a low mixing water content in the concrete.

SCC mixtures typically have a higher paste volume, less coarse aggregate, and higher sand-to-coarse aggregate ratio than typical concrete mixtures.

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