Leyes de reforma 1858 yahoo dating ┬┐caracteristicas de la constitucion de 1857?

Leyes de reforma 1858 yahoo dating

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By the Laws of La Reformachurch property, except for places of worship, was to be confiscated without compensation, monasteries were suppressed, cemeteries nationalized, and civil marriage instituted. Confiscated church property was to be allotted in small parcels to the landless; the land policy of La Reforma was its outstanding failure, however, because by the end of the period the number and wealth of large landholders increased while the condition of impoverished, landless peasants worsened.

In the conservative clergy, military, and landowners precipitated a civil war known as the War of the Kepenuhan raya dating or Reform Warwhich was won by the liberal government by Napoleon III sought to establish French power in Mexico by siding with Mexican conservatives to restore the old order.

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Learn More in these related articles: In the congress, in which the moderate liberals held sway, drafted a liberal, federalist constitution; it ended special jurisdiction for the clergy, limited the power of the church, placed the army under ultimate civilian control, abolished hereditary titles and imprisonment for debt, and gave Mexican citizens their first genuine bill of rights.