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ExtremeTech A Lancet speed dating houston 40 reports that global malaria deaths may be badly underestimated, giving a revised malaria death toll of 1.

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The breakthrough could allow new treatments for mental illnesses to be accurately tested without endangering patients. BBC Climate change, in the form of reduced snowfall in mountains, is having a major impact on mountainous plant and bird communities, through the increased ability of elk to stay at high elevations over winter and consume plants, according to a study in Nature Climate Change.

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Skeptical Science 20 January — Virologists agree to a temporarily hiatus on experiments on the H5N1 influenza virus, due to fears that an airborne strain of the lethal virus could be used by bioterrorists. According to genetic studiesmodern humans seem to have mated with "at least two groups" of ancient humans: The observed distribution apparently corresponds closely with predictive models.

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PhysOrg Science American scientists demonstrate a medical procedure that may allow patients suffering from nerve damage to recover within weeks, rather than months or years. The glass formed in an accidental reaction when the scientists were synthesizing graphene on copper -covered quartz.

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BBC 4 February The Guardian February[ edit ] 3 February This method of "blind quantum cryptography " may permit sensitive data to be processed and transferred without any danger of interception or decryption, leading to ultra-secure cloud computing.