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Sometimes the political behaviour of Plutarch s heroes moves on the border between law and convenience. I believe that Plutarch considered Timoleon a person especially worthy of being adopted in his series of biographies. Frazier en este mismo libro.

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Although the volume kept the multilingual diversity of the participants in the conference, its structuring elements were composed in English, in order to reinforce the coherence of the book and to enlarge the number of potential readers. In its final form, the volume is organized in four different sections. Nota esegetica a De sera num.

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Luc Van der Stockt Leuvenin Eunomia in heaven and on earth. Martins de Jesus eds.

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En ellos la actitud del personaje ante las leyes ilustra positiva o negativamente su conducta moral, y descubre ante nosotros una parte importante de sus defectos y de sus virtudes. Finally, Stefano Amendola Salernoin his study Un nomos atopos? Conceptual tensions and justice in the afterlife Eunomia in heaven and on earth.

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Plutarco, en el cap.