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But far more important is the rich civilization they built up in their colonies and settlements and which endured for over a thousand years. The Kathakosa tells the story of Nagadutta who went to Suvarnabhumi with five hundred ships to conduct a profitable trade.

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One of these temples - a rival to that of Soloman, and erected by some ancient Michael Angleo - might take an honorable place besides our most beautiful buildings. There is enough references in Indian books, accounts of Arab travelers, Chinese historical accounts, old inscriptions, as well as the magnificent ruins of ancient monuments, like Angkor and Borobudur.

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Indian settlers from Gujarat and Kalinga colonized Java, for instance, while others set out for Burma or Cambodia. Ceylon was known as Lanka-Dvipa or Tamraparni. Old Indian books - the Kathasaritsagara, the Jatakas and others -refer to these wondrous regions that set the imaginations of civilized Indians on fire, to Suvarnabhumi, the fabulous "Land of Gold" as Southeast Asia was then known.

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