Derek waters dating I Was A Drunk Person On ‘Drunk History’

Derek waters dating

Emmy contender Derek Waters from "Drunk History.

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But he said that he drank almost an entire bottle of tequila before he did his Drunk History. Have you had any other really good creative ideas that have come as wonders shoes spain online dating result of drinking?

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Jake was telling me — Otis looked at his girlfriend before he got on the plane, he's like, 'You take care of yourself, baby,' and she was like, 'I will, Otis, you take care of yourself,' and he was like, 'No, baby, I'm serious, you take derek waters dating of yourself. A person a comedian, an actor, a writer—any kind of good story teller gets completely wasted and tells the true story of a little-known historical event.

So I thought it would be cool to see Otis Redding come back to life move his lips to that and shake his head" as if to say no.

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A lot of us say and do really stupid shit. Narrators take a lot of breaks to be human.

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It's funny in both obvious and sneaky ways.