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Emelia burns dating

Richard Brancatisano as Caleb season 2is Alex's love interest in series two.

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Miles Szanto as Kuru seasons 1—2is Swedish dating chat faithful servant who always tries to protect her. Eka Darville as Taylor season 2is a close friend of Alex and Amanda.

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Sometimes she sleeps in, she is messy now and again and sometimes forgets to do her homework. He is not mentioned in season two.

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He does not return in season two. Brett Climo as Omar season 1the queen's advisor.

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Alex is sometimes short tempered and carefree but is still a loyal person. Damien Bodie as Vashan season 1is Alex's dating minded cousin.

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Even though Marcus is caring and thoughtful, he would always get jealous and suspicious of Kuru. But he was okay with is.

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Ask her what she really wants in life, and she'll say she wants her band to be big!